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Romanian Society of Arthroscopy and Sports Trauma

Romanian Society of Arthroscopy and Sports Trauma

Societatea Romana de Artroscopie si Traumatologie Sportiva

Societatea Română de Artroscopie și Traumatologie Sportivă

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Wenesday 17.06.2015

Registration -9-11,00

11-13,00 –Workshop –Hyalofast one step surgery for cartilage repair-MTI,Prof dr Bataga Tiberiu,Dr.Fodor Pal PH.D Student’s



Thursday 18.06.2015

Opening sessions -8,30-14,00


1.Welcome message –Prof dr Leonard Azamfirei,Rector of University of Medicine & Pharmacy Tg-Mures,Dr.Puiac Claudiu Hospital Manager and  Prof dr Bataga Tiberiu Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee


  1.Technology Update

9,00-9,30 1.1.- A compilation overview of the main currently available techniques for cartilage repair: description, science, clinical experience and future research plan-Prof dr Alberto Gobbi, OASI Bioresearch Foundation Gobbi Onlus ,International Teaching Center by ISAKOS and ICRS

9,30-10,00 – Biomaterials in Cartilage Repair ,Prof dr Florin Rmadani-Univ Linz

10-10,30-Cofee break

10,30-12,00 –Live surgery

Live surgery Hyalofast one step surgery for Cartilage repair-Prof dr Alberto Gobbi,Prof dr Florin Rmadani-Univ Linz,Prof dr Bataga Tiberiu UMF Th-Mures,,Prof dr Radu Prejbeanu Univ de Medicina  Timisoara,dr.Pal Fodor PH.D.Student’s,SCJU Tg-Mures

12,00-12,30 Press Conference


12,30-13,30 Lunch Break


14,00-17,00 Special Sessions


14,00-14,30 –Age based Management of Cartilage lesions in Patients with Different Ages - Prof dr Alberto Gobbi

14,30-15,00 –How to treat Cartilage lesions in pPatients with OA -Prof dr Florin Ramadani

15,00-15,30- Decision making in Proffesional Athletes with Cartilage Lesions  -Prof dr Radu Prejbeanu

15,30-16,00 – How to treat Cartilage lesions in the Footbal Player -Prof dr Bataga Tiberiu


16-17,00 Discussions,Conclusions



Friday 19.06.2015



9,00-9,30 – Whitch Outcomes scores could be Used and how to Manage Them ?Prof dr Alberto Gobbi

9,30-10,00 –Carligae replacement in Inflammatory Arthritis –Prof dr Florin Ramadani

10,00-10,30 Coffe break

10,30-11,00 – How to treat Carligae lesions in the Severerly Injured Patient

11,30-12,00-Practica issues on the rehabilitation of patients with Cartilage Injuries

12-13 Disccussion Conclusions

13-13,30 –Examination

13,30-14,00-Closing Ceremony and Diploma Award


Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee


Prof dr Bataga Tiberiu